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Architectural Project Manager (All Levels)


CRSA is looking for Architectural Project Managers who are committed to client service and employee development. We are looking for outstanding individuals who know how to provide the best possible experience for our clients. This role links our owners, contractors, and our exceptional design team.

The primary duty of this role is to be the communication master between our team and our client's team. A successful Architectural Project Manager can take ownership of the full project lifecycle, mentor others in the process, and be the support system to make the team successful in the project execution. They coordinate all project efforts to ensure the project is a success for our team and our clients. They understand the project scope and what it will take to achieve our client's vision.

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This role manages four components of our projects:

  • The objectives
  • The schedule
  • The budget
  • Contractor relationships and progress

The Architectural Project Manager maintains great client relations by being:

  • Responsive
  • Consistent with following-up
  • A helpful problem solver
  • Adept at managing a team
  • Skilled in setting and clarifying expectations
  • Enthusiastic about making sure that everyone is empowered to do what they need to do
  • Steadfast in making sure that everyone understands what they need to work on
  • Attentive to tools, expectations, and clarity
  • Fully aware of every part of the project
  • Committed to participating in discussions/meetings
  • Well-informed of what changes/requests are happening in the project
  • Focused on the execution of a great design
  • Dedicated to owning deadlines

To be successful in this role, your qualifications would be:

  • Outstanding communication skills and exceptional client service
  • 5+ years of architectural project management experience
  • Undergraduate degree in architecture or a related field of study
  • Complete understanding of the building construction process
  • Useful knowledge of creating construction drawings
  • Understand and propose architectural projects and fees
  • Follow the guidelines and responsibilities assigned in the project contract documentation

Architect licensure is preferred but not required.